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European Digital Health Day

4th European Digital Health Day

Organized by Egon Zehnder, Pfizer, Sanofi, BARMER, SAP, J&J Innovation, and QIAGEN

European Digital Health Day – we connect global digital health innovators with invitation-only health care stakeholders. This year we propose to continue the debate in our discussions on: Big versus Smart data creating the future of better healthcare.

Big versus Smart - Data creating the future for better healthcare

  • What does Big Data in healthcare actually mean?
  • What role will it have to prevent, predict and cure diseases, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths?
  • App and software versus devices and hardware - what are the winning business models?
  • What partnerships are emerging to drive data based health care innovation?
  • How to fix the ever escalating costs of our health care systems?
  • What role can policy makers play to accelerate data driven change?

To inspire our thinking we will invite some of the world's premier digital health start-ups, and will add the perspectives of what some of the global giants in healthcare and healthcare IT are doing to change the sector with digital solutions.

Impressions of 2016

Recap of the 3rd European Digital Health Day

Last year, 6 teams were invited from Germany, Israel, Spain and UK this year spanning virtual reality, smartphone, big data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for disease prevention, detection, monitoring and treatment.

The video is a recap of the 3rd European Digital Health Day, initiated by Egon Zehnder and TransAct Advisory.

The Future of Health Care is Digital

A day about making connections

We bring together Europe’s top decision makers from relevant players in the healthcare industry and connect them with small, innovative start-ups to change global healthcare for the better with digital solutions.

You will be joined by executives and digital health natives from a broad cross-section of European influencers, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics
  • Medical technology and devices
  • Health care services providers
  • Healthcare IT / Software
  • Health insurers
  • Policy makers
  • Venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators
European Digital Health Day

The most innovative digital health start-ups

From across Europe

We have systematically screened over 300 of the most novel digital health start-ups in the European Region. This year’s most innovative 25 ventures resulting from that first screening are currently undergoing detailed evaluations by our selection panel of experts being ranked for:

  • Big Data Relevance – in terms of fit to this year’s theme: Big versus Smart - Data creating the future of better healthcare
  • Innovation potential – how novel is the solution offered by the startup?
  • Unmet medical / health care system needs addressed – does the solution address a significant unmet need?
  • Economic benefit for the health care system – does the solution have the potential to make a positive economic impact on the health care system?

The teams to be invited will help enable a discussion around the true significance of Big Data derived healthcare solutions spanning such areas as cancer care, heart disease, personalized medicine, imaging, clinical tools and clinical trial management.

Pitch Team Selection by:


To be announced by spring

The Program_Berlin June 1st 2017

We are in the midst of putting together  a dynamic program aimed to set the stage for dialogue, make connections and define action items to help shape your thoughts around defining winning business models for digital health innovations.

The June 1st afternoon includes pitch sessions of pre-selected digital health innovators from across the globe, moderated debates with opinion leaders across the health care value chain and then the magic happens, connections are made to accelerate digital health innovation in Europe!

13.30 - 18.30
Interactive Sessions (pitches, discussions)
  • Intro – What today is about, Digital Health Survey 2017
  • Key Note Addresses – to be announced shortly
  • Digital Health Team Pitches + Interactive Q&A – 2 Sessions
  • Experts on stage with the teams – Big versus Smart Data? Creating the future of healthcare  – 2 Sessions
Networking dinner
  • Make things happen…

On Stage

To be announced by spring

Registrations INVITE ONLY

The 4th European Digital Health Day on June 1st 2017 in Berlin is an invitation only event. Should you feel that your contributions would make a valuable impact please send an email telling us why at 

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